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Bones come in 6 bags of 5 lbs (30 lb.) by the case. 


Beef neck bones are a great recreational chew or meal for dogs of all sizes. The bones are much softer than weight bearing bones, making them fully consumable and are meatier than marrow bones. Beef Neck Bones contain muscle meat, fat and bone. A meaty raw treat that is a big favourite for all dogs, this is a ripping, chewing and tearing bone that requires lots of work! Chewing raw bones is great exercise for your dog.


A Natural Source of Protein and Fat. These bones clean your dog's teeth in addition to providing them with a nice oral workout – not to mention a healthy dose of natural calcium. 

Meaty Beef Neck Bones

  • Beef Marrow Bone 

  • Protein (min) 18%
    Fat (min) 6%
    Fibre (max) 2%
    Moisture (max) 74%

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