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If you're new to raw dog food, please read the information on

this page to understand how to feed raw dog properly.

  • How much raw dog food should I feed?
    A good starting point is 2.5% of body weight. If your dog is 40 pounds, needs to maintain weight, and is reasonably active, he’ll need about 2.5% in dog food. That’s 1 pound. You can feed that all at once, or half in the morning and half at night. ​ If your dog is too thin or chases rabbits all day, feed more. If your dog is overweight, older, or less active, feed less. Pregnant and nursing mothers need 5-10% of body weight daily, as do puppies. ​ A dog that is unhealthy and too thin will need more food. However, avoid overfeeding. Try 3% for a more gradual weight gain.
  • Don't like math?
    This chart gives an estimated amount of daily raw dog food to feed. If you feed twice daily, offer half that amount in morning and half at night. More questions? Contact Us directly!
  • Raw dog food thawing Instructions
    Keep frozen until ready to thaw for serving. Thaw in refrigerator. Use within 72 hours, or repackage and refreeze within 24 hours.
  • Making the switch to raw dog food
    Feeding raw is the best thing you can do for your dog's health. It's easier than you might think. We recommend switching your dog directly to raw; there is no need to make a gradual transition like you do when changing kibbles. A raw diet will change and awaken the gut flora and good bacteria in your dog. During the first few days your dog's stool may be somewhat soft, but once the good bacteria and gut flora kick into gear, you will notice smaller firmer stool than on a kibble diet. Raw food has more calories and is more nutritionally dense than grain based kibble or canned food. Your dog will require less of the foods we offer than what they are currently eating. But how much less? Don’t base the amount on what your dog tells you. This is some good stuff, and most dogs will beg for more. There is also less useless bulk in their tummy. You need a game plan, and willpower.
raw dog food feeding calculator
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