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After switching our Allettare Doberman's breeding program a few years ago to a raw diet, we noticed drastic changes in our dog’s overall health and conditioning. However, one thing we found was no convenient way to obtain these balanced products when we needed them, or at a reasonable price. So we wanted to bring a unique option and convenient source for our dogs and yours!

Raw Dog Express is this solution! We built our own cold storage warehouse in Mont Vernon, NH and developed a custom model for our customers to pick-up fresh frozen product every day by appointment.

Again, our goal is to bring a new concept to Southern NH that provides all-in-one feeding options with the most popular thaw and serve rolls, whole chicken pieces, and meaty bone options, at a competitive price with express service that fits your schedule and provides “The natural solution for your pet!”

-Eric and Angela Ferrari

Raw fed Allettare dobermans
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