This product comes in 2 lb. rolls with 15 per case (30 lbs).


Venison is a lean protein, and great for all dogs and cats, especially those with low metabolism or those who are not that active. Venison is much leaner than beef and contains less saturated fat. It's naturally rich in many essential nutrients including conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin B and iron.


NO Organ. Please consider including some of our other products, such as chicken liver and beef kidney to complete your dog's diet.


The proper ratio is 80/10/10. That's 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ (with 5% being liver).

Blue Ridge Beef - Venison w/Bone

  • Ground Venison, Ground Venison Bone, Ground Beef, and Ground Beef Heart (no organ)

  • Protein- 20.15%
    Fat- 10.04%
    Fiber- .44%
    Ash- 3.62%
    Moisture- 66.16%
    Calcium- 1223.5 mg/100g
    Phosphorus- 925 mg/100g
    1692 kcal/kg



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Serving Southern New Hampshire

Pick-up available in Londonderry, Bedford, Mont Vernon NH

The raw dog food we offer is not for human consumption.
It is not to be used as human food.

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