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This product comes only in a 5 lb. roll with 6 per case (30 lbs). Raw Origins: The Complete Raw Diet, Beef, 100% - All Stages Raw Dog Food. Balanced, fresh and all natural, delicious, with no preservatives! Primal, as nature intended. 


The package has a ziplock style opening at the top for simple thaw and serve portioning. Made in the USA and AAFCO approved. 

Raw Origins- Beef Complete (with tripe)

$144.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
  • Beef, unwashed green tripe, heart, lung, kidney, liver, calcium carbonate, charcoal. 

  • Crude Protien: 18.5%

    Crude Fat: 8%

    Crude Fiber: 2.5%

    Ash/Minerals: 10%

    Calcium: .8 to 1.2%

    Phospherous: .40%

    Moiusture: 70%

    Kcal/kg: 984.5


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